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June 15th 2010: Over the last few years in Las Vegas as they have struggled with the bad economy many shows have disappeared most in cost cutting moves. In recent months there was lots of talk that Lance Burton is ending his long running magic show at the Monte Carlo because they wanted him to cut his budget. Magic shows and big budget showgirl shows seem to have been especially hard hit.

The showgirl shows once a staple of Las Vegas have been slowly vanishing, replaced in many cases by sexy lower budget shows. A few years ago there were two huge big budget showgirl production shows battling it out until March 28th 2009 the Tropicana closed the Follies Bergere.

This brings us to Jubilee which has been running over 28 years on the Las Vegas strip. The Don Arden production has dazzled visitor’s for a long time but is an expensive production with its opening number costing $3 million dollars and 1000 costumes for the performers who dance on huge sets.

There are 100 performers on the show and 50 of those perform topless during the shows sexier numbers. I haven’t heard of any reports about Jubilee and, i hope it runs for another 28 years but with cost cutting at hotels going on it could be a big target heres hoping its not a target. Jubilee plays at Bally’s with shows usually at 7:30 and 10:30pm and also offers a backstage tour during the day. Another smaller but long running production show is Crazy Girls at the Riviera which you also may want to check out

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