Las Vegas sign

December 30th 2022: Since the mid eighties i have visited Las Vegas regularly watching change after change happening in Sin City. Since 2010 i wrote about many of these changes in my website Las Vegas Inside Out which after many years i decided to close as i decided to build different websites and go in a different direction.

One of the new directions i decided to go was the local news, reviews and information websites under the Insider brand. By building up the local websites the question was would i have a Las Vegas website. Eventually i decided to add this website LV Insider Now to the other locals websites.

Even though I don’t get to Las Vegas as often as i used too its still a way for me to explore my love of Las Vegas. I have also decided to add to this website in some of the old articles of Las Vegas Inside Out. Other than being cleaned up a little the articles will be exactly the same as originally published.