MGM Players Club Needs Work

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September 15th 2010: Recently MGM announced they will be updating their players club and improving the website which in my opinion is long overdue. MGM announced that they would start with smaller properties back East and then in the next year get to the Las Vegas properties. The MGM website for players is no where near as easy to use or as advanced with offers as Harrah’s Total Rewards or even Boyd’s B Connected website which is a shame.

Before you think i just prefer those companies in fact i often stayed at MGM properties at the Luxor for example either every month or every other month (yes i travel to Las Vegas a lot). Then late last year my MGM card became locked so i asked at the players club in the Luxor if they could unlock it so i could book rooms in the future, they said i would have to call they couldn’t fix at the hotel. Once home i called and got a recorded message that said because of year end and tax season they weren’t taking calls until the new year this was end of November.

I called several other times in the new year and, got a voice mail that said they are busy assisting other customers and leave a message. I did this several times and even though the message said they would call me back between 9am-5pm PST they never did. I receive email offers all the time from the Luxor and, other MGM properties all the time but as i cannot log in to receive i now book rooms at the Flamingo, Rio and Orleans. The point of me sharing my personal experience is the players club should breed loyalty to a company and MGM should consider getting the new website going in Las Vegas as soon as possible.

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