ESPN Zone At New York New York To Close

June 11th 2010: The timing is interesting to say the least as its playoff time as well as the World Cup just starting but Walt Disney Company has announced that its closing its ESPN Zone at New York New York. The sports themed restaurant and bar will close Wednesday and with the closure approximately 160 employees will lose there job.

The ESPN Zone opened here in 2001 and is now closing along with other locations in New York, Chicago, Baltimore and Washington DC. The reason while the Las Vegas location and, others are closing is cited by the company as poor performance as people are eating out less because of the economy.

The two remaining locations at Downtown Disney in Anaheim and by the Staples Center in Los Angeles will remain open. I feel bad about the people losing there jobs and, i have been to the ESPN Zone’s in Las Vegas as well as Anaheim; the concept with lots of big televisions to watch sports as well as good quality food is a good one but its a shame it failed but with this economy its not surprising.

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